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November 28, 2011

With so much else going on at the moment I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and distracted.

So I’ve made this stocking as an early christmas present for my gorgeous niece Sophie who’ll be 7 months at christmas time. She might not know what a stocking is for, but her older sister and brother will! The red part of the stocking is made from fleece fabric, the white and red heart fabric is cotton and the trees and ‘S’ are made from felt.

I drew out the stocking shape on some A3 paper and cut two. Next I drew round where I wanted the heel and toe to be and cut these out of the cotton, then printed out the S shapnd cut out. Lastly the christmas trees were cut out with pinking shears (idea from purlbee). I used my sewing machine to applique on the heel, toe and ‘S’ shape in red thread to contrast. The trees were stitched on by hand with sparkly green thread.

With all the decoration in place I could stitch the stocking together. The top heart swag was top stitched to give a neater finish and hanging handle were added last.



More bags

May 23, 2011

I’ve been making more reversible bags based on the lovely hobo pattern from simply modern mom. The first grey flowery one I added a button either side and loop of silver coloured cord I plaited to strengthen. I added the loop at step 2 so it was sewn in when the two layers are stitched together and again when the bag is top stitched for added strength.

I wanted a bigger bag for my holiday so the second one in beige and red was the basic pattern, but I added an extra 5″ to the overall length of the bag, otherwise method  was exactly the same as the original. The striped side reminds me of deckchair fabric.

Lastly is this very cute little jewellery bag with pockets inside from creating my way to success. The fabrics are both upcycled from cotton jersey tops – one Caitlin’s, one mine. I’ve made one for me to take my jewellery and hair stuff on holiday. I’ve made one for me and now Caitlin is asking one for her too.

Caitlin’s crafting

May 9, 2011

We were delighted to welcome a new niece for me and cousin for Caitlin after my sister gave birth to baby Sophie. This was Caitlin’s card for the baby. She loved choosing new baby things from the Millers die cut shop, which is local to us. Then when Sophie was born the dining table was covered in pink and girly things to make her card.

We were at a garden centre at the weekend and our little magpie wanted to buy a really sparkly plastic bracelet that caught her eye, not very nice quality and over priced. I said no, but offered that we could make a bracelet at home instead, which thankfully she readily agreed to.  These two were the result made from glass beads strung on stretchy elastic. She choose the beads, decided on the pattern and threaded them all, I just got to knot the elastic. She’s got a good eye I think, they look very pretty.

Bunny Puppets

April 12, 2011

Found this very cute bunny finger puppet pattern at The Purl Bee. I’ve made one each for the children for their Easter bag. Made from felt with sewn features.

Caitlin’s recent creations

January 25, 2011

Caitlin tried quilling for the first time last year and seemed to enjoy it, so Father Christmas put a couple of quilling kits from Hawkin’s Bazaar in her stocking. The butterfly and the caterpillar are the results from the first kit, she’s very chuffed and plans to make them both into cards, the background card was included in the kit. The designs are just right for her skill level.



The ponytail kit was another one from Hawkins which she made at the weekend with a little help threading needles and tying knots.



The cross stitch fish was a kit she stitched last year which her grandma gave her. However after this she asked me if she could do a cross stitch for Daddy at Christmas. So we had a look through my pattern books for a simple pattern, she chose this boat and selected the colours she thought Dad would like and off she went. I then mounted it up in a little frame, look at how even her stitching is, it’s great!

Reversible Bags

January 15, 2011











These two bags are great, both are reversible and so I get two for the price of one! The fabrics came from Dunelm mill.

The ‘hobo bag’ pattern comes from simply modern mom Also see her dance version, Caitlin has seen this and is making noises about needing another bag (she has more bags than I do already!) The only change I made was to stitch down the straps after folding in the raw edges prior to plaiting as the wavy fabric in particular was a little slippy and I was worried it would slide and show the edges.

The tote bag pattern is from hippos and dinosaurs I didn’t bother with a pocket and I used one colour for the straps, so just used a wider strip of the wavy fabric folded in half them folded raw edges in, then top stitched down both sides. 

Did I mention I love my new sewing machine, in fact I think it’s rapidly becoming a sanity keeper being as I’m still off work!

No sew fleece – hat and scarf

January 12, 2011

Creative Jewish mom has some great projects and tutorials and has a whole load of no sew fleece projects.





Including this hat and scarf Caitlin and I made together. Really easy to make and size to your child, you just use a reef knot to tie the sections together.

Initially Caitlin and I made the scarf in 5 panels each 8″ wide and 10 ” long, but Caitlin wanted it a bit longer so we just added an extra panel.