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Kindle Cover

January 11, 2011

Tim got a kindle from his parents for christmas and asked if I would make him a cover and here it is! This is my first project on my new sewing machine. I’ve not used one in about 20 years so I’m pretty please with this, it’s not perfect, but it does the job and I did it without any pattern.

The cover is made from upcycled black cord fabric, some black felt and a button. 



First I measured the kindle and cut one rectangle from felt and one from cord fabric large enough for the kindle, seam allowance of 1/2″ and a little give so not too tight. Then I cut one felt and one cord with the rectangle and the flap shaped piece as you can see in the tacked picture.

I then tacked together the cord outer pieces around the three sides right sides together and did the same with the felt pieces (You could pin, but not being used to the machine I preferred to tack).

Next I took the cord pieces and sewed round on the sewing machine using a running stitch 1/2″ from the edge. The felt pieces were stitched down both sides of the rectangle and towards the centre leaving a gap at the bottom to turn the bag through later. I took out the tacking thread and turned the cord bag only right side out, leaving felt bag as is.

The cord bag was tucked inside the felt bag and the edges of the straight side pinned or tacked in place. Then the flap on both the felt and cord bags were pinned together. These edges were then stitched on the machine.

The cord bag is then carefully pulled through the gap in the felt bag and keep pulling until the cord bag was right sides out and the felt bag is pulled through so sem is also inside. stitch the gap in the felt closed and position the felt lining inside the cord and top stitch round the edge and flap of the bag. Completely different style of bag, but same technique as this lovely hobo bag tutorial here or this reversible tote bag here (more of both of these another day).

Finally I turned flap down and marked out the position of the button hole, stitched this on the machine and lastly sewed on the button and all done!

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