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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

November 9, 2010

Snowflakes and the odd icicle today!

This first one is made from three pieces of wire of 5″ long, wrapped around with some thinner gauge wire to form snowflake form. Once the beads were slipped onto one wire a small loop was formed on the end to stop beads falling off. Then when all 6 points were filled a flat backed gem was stuck over the wire wrap to hide it. The round beads are made of shell and have a sheen a little bit like mother of pearl so should look lovely in the lights of the christmas tree.

The red snowflake shape was plain when I bought it from debenhams last year and already painted this red colour. I just added wire and bead decorations, used some beads and flat backed pearls on the points and lastly painted a wooden heart in white metallic paint which I stuck in the centre.

The many pointed snowflake/star I can’t really decide which it is was made from pearl ended dressmaking pins and a papier mache ball. The ball was painted and covered in iridecent glitter. the beads were added to the pin, which was then glued in place all the way around. This is very fragile and not one for families with small children!

Last year I made a few snowflakes from beads which can be found here. The turquoise one is pictured here.


Caitlin also made some great icicles with me made from wire and beads, more details here and another set of icicles she made here


More ideas

I am so making these giant lollipop stick snowflakes with Caitlin from the Crafty nest

This is a really simple idea from sassy and sweet to jazz up your punched or die cut snowflakes.

Reese Dixon has a lovely quilled paper snowflake

Busy bee has a paper constructed snowflake perfect for making with the kids.

Simple modern mom has four snowflake tutorials all lovely! Twirly paper snowflake, piping paper snowflake, twisted paper snowflake and lastly cookie cutter snowflake. I am going to make these with caitlin, I think they’d look great hung up as a group.

What about decorating a shelf with icicles? Here’s a felt idea to make from Disney family fun

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