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Sock Dog and Sock Dragon

November 2, 2010

I found this cute pattern for a sock dog at Little Black Teapot and I had to have a go. Fortunately I have a set of stripy socks I managed to buy for Tim in the wrong size and lost the receipt so I’ve several socks to play with. She also has a pattern for a dinosaur very cute too, but not quite what I wanted so I decided to experiment a bit and so created a Sock Dragon!

The Dragon takes two socks, buttons or beads for the eyes, small piece of white felt and a larger piece of felt to match the sock in this case I used a piece 8 x 10″ but there’s plenty left. Exact sizes will depend on the size of your socks! So there’s no hard and fast rules here.

The first step is to cut the socks up using the cutting guide.

Body and Head

Take the body (and this is the head too) section, turn inside out, put a row of running stitches round the end which was nearest the sock’s toe (left hand side as you look at the cutting pattern. Pull tight and knot off leaving one long end on thread. Turn the sock the right way out and if necessary add a few more stitches across the join to smooth out, it doesn’t need to be perfect as it will be hidden by the button nose later. Stuff until soft and squashy, try to make two separate sections of stuffing for the head and the body at this point. Run another line of running stitch around the end to close, taking care to tuck the raw edges in and add some stitches across if required, again doesn’t have to be too neat as the tail will cover later.

Put a line of running stitches around the neck and pull tight, this should sit between the head and body stuffing sections and create a neck. I also added a short row of running stitches on the top of the head just below the eyes to make a more defined head shape.


The legs are cut as per the cutting guide. For each leg turn inside out and stitch round the side and bottom. Turn the right way out and stuff until almost full. I then added some thicker wool to make paws. repeat until all legs are done. Sew in place on the body turning the raw edge of the sock under so you get a neat edge.


Cut the wing shapes from the area shown on the cutting guide. I choose to have three scalloped edges on mine. Then cut two pieces of felt to match. Place wrong sides out and stitch around leaving edge open to stuff. Turn through and stuff very lightly then if you wish stitch lines from the tip to the edge of the wing for more definition. Turn the edges under and sew to the back, behind the upper legs.


With the tail you want to turn inside out, sew along the edge, turn through and stuff. Sew over the join on the bottom, position so that the dragon will stand upright with the lower legs. As with the legs turn under the raw edge of the sock as you stitch on.


The ears will have a slight curve at the bottom edge where they are cut from in the sock, this is fine. Cut two pieces of felt the same size, sew wrong sides together leaving gap to turn through. Turn the right way up and then whip stitch the gap closed. Sew in place on the head, using the curved edge at the back to shape the ears slightly as per the finished pictures.

Eyes and Nose

Cut two pieces of white flet slightly bigger than your beads or buttons, sew in place with the bead/button just above the line of stitches from earlier. Add the button for the nose across the join at the front.


Measure from the tip of the tail to the neck and cut a piece of felt to this length (mine was 8 1/2″) and about 7/8″ wide.  This will vary dependant on the size of your socks. Cut the felt so you have a line of spikes. Starting at the tip of the tail sew in place. For the head spikes I measure the rough length I wanted spikes on. Then cut a curve in the felt to match the contour of the head. Once happy with this I cut the spikes and sewed in place.

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  1. Cathy Peal permalink
    November 16, 2010 8:32 am

    I love your sock dragon – so cute and maybe after the first of the year I can make one -or two – I will have to make one in polka dots for sure- thanks for the inspiration,

  2. Arielle permalink
    November 28, 2010 11:47 pm

    I’ve been looking for some handmade kid-toy ideas (although this is so cute, I may have to make one for myself, too!) Your sock dragon is perfect!!! I can’t wait to create! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  3. August 16, 2011 7:29 pm

    I’ve just seen this linked from mumsnet. Your dragon is so cute! Can’t wait to make one.


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