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Halloween 2010

October 31, 2010

So this year we’ve carved 2 pumpkins and an overgrown courgette. Caitlin and Tim did one together with Caitlin helping to scrape out the insides and then drawing the design for the face. I found a pattern for the Boo pumpkin which I pricked out with a needle then cut out with a knife. Then while  they were out this afternoon waiting Mamma Mia at the cinema I got painting the courgette dark purple. Then I stuck felt wings to pipe cleaners which I stuck in the side and glued on felt ears.

Caitlin’s design and Tim’s carving with a little help from Caitlin

Caitlin then announced that she didn’t have a witches hat, her dress is the same as last years and so I’d not even thought of hats. So I grabbed two wavy pipecleaners, cut them in half, pushed them through the middle of a pom pom ball

found two eyes which I stuck on with glue dots and then sewed it round a headband Caitlin found for me. Thus finished a 10 minute halloween hairband!

All dressed and ready to go!

Last minute Spider!

Bat biscuits made by Tim and Caitlin

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