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September 22, 2010

We have a few girls in our family, including 2 in New Zealand, so I’ve been making lots of girlie ponytails for Christmas presents, stocking fillers and to go in crackers. They’ve all been made with ribbon, lace and buttons from my stash with new ponytails.

These are really easy to make, just use running stitch along one edge of the ribbon or lace in matching coloured thread. Then gather both ends of the thread and pull to gather up in a circle and knot ends together. Leave thread ends in situe at this point. The length and thickness of ribbon or lace will dictact the look, the lace ones are about 6″ long so you can still the pattern, the ribbon ones are nearer 8″ in length, while the ruffled pink ones are a very fine ribbon and nearer 10″ of ribbon. I tend to just have a play and reduced length if needed.

Next put your layers together. Use the one of the thread ends you left from the gathering on the lowest layer to stitch the upper layer on using simple running stitch, you can hide the stitches within the pleats.

Add the centres, some of these are buttons, others beads or a ruffled second layer, use the thread left on the upper layer for this, the two ends will make for a nice secure buttons.

Lastly sew onto a ponytail using the second end of the bottom layer, or if you prefer and your children don’t fiddle as much as mine you could hot glue them instead.

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