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Cord Bag

August 20, 2010
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Caitlin has just grown out of her cords and saw this post from Design Sponge for a wine bottle holder and it got me thinking what I could do with the lovely purple cord fabric.  The answer was a little bag for Caitlin!with the added benefit of feeling good about upcycling this lovely cord fabric. As she’s home she helped me go through my ribbon boxes and chose the ribbon for the strap.

This was really easy to whip up even though I’ve not got a sewing machine, so it’s all hand stitched. First I decided how long I wanted the bag to be and marked and cut one leg off with an extra inch for the seam. Then I turned the leg inside out and pinned and stitched the side I had just cut together and stitched across. Next using the original hemline of the cord I stitched on the ribbon handle turning it under twice first to prevent fraying. Then for decorating the bag. I pinned on the same ribbon as for the handle with the ends of the ribbon cut on the diagonal and sewn on with the edges turned under (this doesn’t need to be too neat as it’s covered by the flowers).

The flowers were made by taking three different ribbons all 3/4″ wide the outer two are 18″ approx and the central one was about 12″ and much finer ribbon. For all ribbons I used a row on running stitch along one edge then gathered together and knotted off, keeping the ends of the thread to sew onto the bag. Then the flowers were stitched on covering the join in the ribbon. Because the finer ribbon gathered up more closely it’s given a more carnation looking flower the other two I used beads to fill in the central hole. The purple one I individually stitched the beads on, while the pale turquiose one uses a central bead around which the teardrop shaped beads are added then once finished stitched in place.

There we go, one happy daughter who thinks the bag is fab and I still have the other leg and a pair of her old jeans to play with. I quite fancy making a little bag for me, with her sized leg it would be big enough for a purse, keys and a lip balm if I just want a little bag.

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