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Hair Assessories

August 13, 2010
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After an incident with a spade and my big toe I’ve been somewhat immobile so Caitlin and my plans for an active outdoorsy week have largely been put on hold. So instead we’ve been doing more crafting.

Here’s some of our efforts. Caitlin is kindly modelling the results. Idea for the t-shirt flowers came from Little Miss Momma’s Blog and the yoyo flowers tutorial came from a couple of  sources – Twelve crafts Till Christmas and Crafty Rachel’s blog.

I’m particularly pleased with the yoyo flower on the pink hair ponytail (bottom right of the photo) as Caitlin sewed the yoyos herself and with some help assembled hers and sewed on the button too, a nice simple project for her to try which didn’t take too long and held her attention.  She is very pleased with her efforts and is currently wearing hers.

Because we used an old t-shirt and skirt she’s grown out of, ponytails from her collection and buttons/beads from my stash these were so cheap to produce, the only issue is being Caitlin wants more in lots of different colours. I can see a few more old clothes being cut up over the next few days!

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