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Pirate Bunny!

March 29, 2012

Wee Wonderfuls have some fab free patterns including the wee bunny pattern which I used for my pirate bunny. There’s a flicker page with lots of bunnies made from the pattern and I saw this oneby user – emrichkh of a pirate bunny which I though was fab and so did Caitlin’s friend.

So I took it a step further and added a tricorn hat made of felt and a removable eye patch and belt.

Just hope her friend likes this tomorrow along with his Easter egg!


Kindle and iPad covers

March 26, 2012

On request of my sister I’ve made these kindle and ipad covers. Now they have arrived safely I can post these up.

All the fabric is from Dunelm Mill and the cord for the button loops is from Hobby craft. Both of these are well padded with batting to make them better for travelling or the hands of small children!  The grey button was one I had in stock and the wooden toggle came from the sewing shop in the village.

The two different sizes were measured to fit, but the tutorial generic design came from Elizabeth’s Whimsies blog. Only I don’t do patchwork, so I used a single piece for the front cover. The cord for the button loops is made by celebrate and it’s nylon, so I cut three lengths, heated the tops with a lighter and gently squeezed together until they stuck together (being careful not to burn my fingers!). Then I plaited the three together and burnt the ends together again to keep plaited. This hopefully will give a stronger button loop than one strand.


Linings for the smaller kindle cover was simple plain black so more masculine for my brother-in-law, while the iPad cover has a soft almost velvet texture with a silver pattern on to match the flowers embroidered on the outer fabric.

Tights Snail

January 24, 2012

Caitlin has grown out a whole load of tights, severals of which have barely been worn. I decided to try and make a few toys out of them along the lines of the sock dragon and sock reindeer. So I introduce the first creature a snail! No pattern I’ve just made it from scratch.

The snail shell uses one leg of the tights and the body is made from the top section of the tights. With these tights it lead to a stripey shell and plain body which I quite like. I finished the snail with a button nose, beads for the eyes and felt tentacles on her head.

What next? I’m thinking that a snake is almost too easy, though I might encourage Caitlin to make one. I’ve seem some sock octopus so maybe an octopus, or a giraffee with its long neck. Watch this space!

Pointy Kitten

January 23, 2012

Caitlin saw this free pattern on my computer from Wee Wonderfuls and asked very nicely if I’d make her one. Which I did and then promptly confiscated after finding her chewing the ear and put it on my table beside the sofa, then later the same day I went back in the room to find our kitten chomping on her tail! Any way the pattern and instructions were easy to follow. I used some scraps of fabric left over from making a bag and went for the serendipidy affect for the pattern.

Flower Scarf

January 22, 2012

Found this lovely pattern from watch me daddy blog. I’m not great with wool it makes me itchy, so substituted this for red fleece fabric instead. I’m really pleased with the result.


Modelled by Caitlin in the photo.

Rudolph The Sock Reindeer

December 8, 2011

Rudolph has been made from one sock, a sheet of felt 9″ x 12″ in brown, a scrap of white felt, a red button, 2 black beads for the eyes and a piece of wool mix fabric which used to be the belt of a coat of Caitlin’s. I used UK men’s sock size 9-12 and the finished reindeer is about 18cm/7″ to the top of his antlers.

The idea is based on the sock dog from Little Black Teapot I’ve made before (see here) but I’ve changed the proportions to change this from a dog to a reindeer. Antlers are all felt, while the ears and legs are made from socks and felt.

Angel and Necklace

November 30, 2011

Beading efforts this week.

Every year I make Caitlin some jewellery at christmas to go with her Christmas outfit, this year it’s mainly red with blue dots, hence the red necklace. The pattern for the pendant was from It’s designed for an ornament, but I used smaller beads and converted it for use as a pendant. I used nymo thread to assemble the pendant and then my favourite softflex beading wire for the necklace, with a sterling silver clasp.

The angel is largely based on this snow angel pattern from but I didn’t like the wings, they seemed a little heavy for my frosty little angel, so I used some beadling wire to form some wings with a bit of structure and attached this to the back of the angel’s body.